Newsletter 26 September 2018

Introducing the Classic collection from our Deco Tiles.

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System Performance @ Lombok Earthquake 2018 v1 2

Sebagian besar korban gempa meninggal karena tertimpa reruntuhan bangunan. Pastikan bangunan anda terbuat dari material yang tahan dari guncangan gempa!

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Newsletter 19 September 2018

Have you take a look at our Urban Tiles Collection? So many choices available for you to choose!

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Inside UI - Exhibition

Exhibition - Inside UI Jakarta has been held on Thursday to Friday, 18-21 August 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Hub, Tanah Abang - Jakarta. PT Cornelius Corianindo hopes that the exhibition can inspire customers with a variety of attractive designs.

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Green Product SUNRAY Solid Surface

Green Product SUNRAY Solid Surface


Lighting for Luxury Villas, 100% LEDS C4

Professionals from AO Architects and the interior designer Nadia Santo have used a range of lighting from the LEDS C4 Outdoor and Decorative product ranges for the Mediterranean Luxury Villas project.

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Sungai Terkotor di Dunia Ditargetkan Menjadi Sumber Air Bersih

Sungai Citarum adalah sungai terpanjang dan terbesar di Jawa Barat. Sungai ini menjadi sorotan dunia karena banyaknya sampah yang terapung diatas sungai tersebut. Bahkan World Bank menyebutkan bahwa sungai Citarum adalah sungai terkotor di dunia.

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"SHERA Shine Light," an Innovation with Even Better

A beautiful, durable and low-maintenance house is happiness to house lovers. That is why we SHERA continue to develop our products and have come up with "SHERA Shine Light" which is the latest innovation

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RADAR, is the maximum expression of minimalism

Radar is the maximum expression of minimalism

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LEDS C4 Lights Up Barcelona

The lighting company has launched a guide with the most iconic lighting projects implemented in Barcelona. More than 50 professionals exchanged experiences and ideas on lighting projects for the hospitality industry

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BENTO, the linear downlight with a high level of visual comfort

With its long narrow design made up of individual optical modules, it has been specifically developed to produce uniform lighting

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Grand Opening of PT Daikin Air Conditioning Indonesia Medan Branch

Grand opening of PT. Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia - Medan branch office & showroom has held on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 at Jalan H. Adam Malik No. 18, Medan Barat – Medan. PT. Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia hopes this expansion could be better in providing services directly to consumers. In addition to give consulting in choosing products that suit the consumer needs, they can also see the product and feel the comfort experience directly.

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Floating Structures: a better, more environmentally responsible practice for developer in building on water vs land reclamation

The heated debate around Benoa Bay (Teluk Benoa) in Bali has been ongoing for many months, in which a lot of efforts and cost have been incurred on both sides of the fence. Both sides have compelling reasons for their stance. The developers see Benoa Bay as very strategic to extend Bali Island’s tourism industry growth, due to its very close proximity to the airport, Nusa Dua, area, the sea, and Denpasar itself. Those opposed to it cite environmental issues – that the area’s mangrove forest will be destroyed, that aquatic life and the water current pattern will forever be altered. They are right – the moment a body of water is reclaimed,, buried with soil and sand, the aquatic biota of the area ends.So is there a viable compromise to this situation? Making the development floating over water is possibly one of them. b-foam floating structure solution is EPS foam based platform, which offer very long and maintenance-free service life (warranty is 30 years for buoyancy capacity), exceptional safety factor (virtually unsinkable because there is no hollow air cavity inside the pontoon module), and high load capacity. b-foam floating structures has been successfully employed to build many floating facilities at the popular Lembang Floating Market, a 2 story floating restaurant on Kahayan River, Palangkaraya (Central Borneo), and transport floating platform to carry solid concrete tetrapods (1.2 tons each).

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4 Mistakes in House Renovation that Cause It to Be Overbudget

This New Year many people may have a plan to renovate their house to make it more beautiful and livable. Budget is an important issue when it comes to house renovation. You would not want the renovation to become overbudget before it is finished or during the process. To avoid such a problem, you had better avoid making these mistakes. 1. Lack of Planning: Beginning the renovation without carefully planning it before can lead to increased cost unexpectedly. For example, if you have no plan in advance and you keep changing the plan as the renovation goes, the cost will increase endlessly. Or, if you buy materials before planning, you may have bought more than necessary or those that are not to be used for the renovation. 2. Lack of Consultation with Experts: Some types of renovation may affect the structure of the house such as kitchen enlargement or mezzanine extension. If the existing structure is not strong enough to bear additional weight, the house may subside or crack which will cost you even more for the maintenance. So, it is important to consult with experts before the renovation begins to make sure that everything can go as planned. 3. Being Uncareful about Contractor: Unqualified contractors can delay the renovation or make it understandard, causing you to spend more money on maintenance later. Plus, paying the contractor fully before the renovation is begun or inappropriate tranches of payment may allow them to abandon their work and thus cause you to lose money and time to find a new one. 4. Being Unnecessarily Economical: Some people may want to save cost by selecting material with low prices without considering their quality, but these materials can be broken easily which will cost even more for maintenance in the long term. Other people may try to renovate the house by themselves to save cost, but since renovation actually requires skilled people, the renovation may not be successful, unsafe, or understandard. They may have to spend more later on hiring experts to mend the wrongly renovated parts.

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Cara Pasang Parket Kayu Pada Lantai

Cara pemasangan parket kayu lantai bisa anda lakukan sendiri tapi bisa juga memerlukan seorang yang ahli dalam memasang parket kayu di lantai. Bagi anda yang memilih untuk memasangnya sendiri, anda bisa melakukan beberapa tahapan untuk memasang parket kayu di lantai. Cara-caranya bisa disimak di sini dan bisa langsung anda praktikkan.Memasang parket kayu lantai dapat anda lakukan di atas plesteran aci halus atau bisa juga anda tutup dengan multiplek yang ketebalannya minimal 15 mm. Kemudian di permukaan lantai yang akan dipasang parket kayu anda lumuri dengan lem kayu secukupnya. Bila lantai sudah terlumur lem kayu, maka anda bisa menyusunnya satu-satu parket kayu di atas lantai. Penyusunan parket kayu yang anda lakukan selesai, maka langsung anda lakukan tahap selanjutnya. Anda harus menghaluskan parket kayu yang telah terpasang di lantai dengan mengamplasnya. Proses pengamplasan ini harus menggunakan mesin yang khusus untuk meratakan permukaan pada parket kayu tersebut.Setelah proses pengamplasan usai, maka selanjutnya anda melakukan finishing dengan diberika semprotan supaya lantai parket kayu ini mengkilap. Proses pemasangan parket kayu yang demikian ini, tentunya memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangannya. Parket kayu yang dipasang pada lantai acian ada beberapa bagian pada parketnya yang ngembal dan tidak menapak ke dasar lantai karena permukan plester acian yang tidak rata. Ketika dipasang pada lantai yang ditutup dengan multiplek, parket kayu justru lebih menempel secara keseluruhan.Hal ini, pada lapisan multiplek ini telah meratakan parket tersebut. Namun, dari segi kekuatannya multiplek lebih mudah diserang pelapukan dan waktunya hanya bertahan kurang lebih 5 tahun setelah dipasang. Proses pemasangan lantai kayu parket ini memang mudah bila seseorang memahami mengenai parket secara detail. Sehingga bagi yang ingin memasang parket kayu, bila tidak menginginkan seorang ahli dalam memasangnya dengan pertimbangan biaya, bila anda memiliki pemahaman tentang parket kayu, tidak ada salahnya untuk anda lakukan sendiri. Pastikan anda mendapatkan hasil dari pemasangan parket kayu yang memuaskan dan tidak menimbulkan masalah di kemudian har

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The Pros And Cons of Single-storeyed Houses

A single-storeyed house is a popular alternative for modern families because many people these days tend to separate themselves from their extended family to build a single family in a new house. Since there are not many members in a single family, a single-storeyed house perfectly meets the requirement of some people.Today, we SHERA will talk about the pros and cons of a single-storeyed house to help you decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

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Home Central & Multi-S Exhibition

Daikin continue to held HCAC and Multi-S roadshow in shopping mall to educate residential market for its feature and benefits. Many visitors not only from surrounding area but also from Tangerang, Bekasi, Cibubur were interested to get further information about space saving and energy saving of Multi-S.

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About Pro-Shop

Daikin Pro-Shop is a Daikin Speciality Store that only sellling Daikin Product. As Professional Daikin Shops which are specialize in Home Central AC and provide costumer with full range of Professional Service.

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Daikin Proshop Aircon 2000 Showroom Opening

On July 17th, 2017, Daikin expanding their professional dealer network by opening Daikin Pro-Shop Aircon 2000 which located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. As a professional dealer, Daikin Pro-Shop Aircon 2000 has complete and standardized facility which can help consumers to select product that suit their needs with the simulation of product application.

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Urgent Call to Builders: Get Rid of All the Bricks

Do you remember the story of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty? Knowing that the your Princess Aurora had been cursed to get stung by the needle on a spinning wheel, her royal parents ordered all the spinning wheel in the country to be burned, but they forgot one at the attic in the castle’s tower. And so, with the spell of the evil queen, Princess Aurora was led upstairs to use the spinning wheel, and there she got stung by the needle, and fell into the coma planned by the evil queen.In our homes, we always have these cursed spinning wheel around, deadly time bombs that will readily harm the residents of the home during severe earthquake. They are the bricks. Mostly loose, unsupported and unreinforced, and merely rely on the plaster to keep them together. It amazing to think that in 2015, we human still resort to non-reinforced brick masonry, even in the most earthquake-prone regions, and even in the upscale development, where both the income level and the sophistication of the residence should be looking for a more advanced, safer alternative.What about lightweight bricks? Lightweight masonry, so long as they are not reinforced, would be just as dangerous. Although lighter than concrete or conventional red bricks, these large sized lightweight bricks falling down from a story worth of height, can easily maim and kill building occupants.By employing b-panel (as well as similar Structural Insulated Panels/SIPs), the concern of falling brick debris during earthquake is completely solved, as there is no loose bricks in the structure of the building. All wall surface is reinforced with densely spaced steel wire matrix, which makes the wall in effect a structural shear wall (and a thermally and acoustically insulated one at that). In a b-panel building, the walls are one extremely rigid, monolithic structural unit. Even in the most severe earthquake, the failure characteristics of b-panel wall is not catastrophic. The plaster will cracks and loosen, but not in a big, heavy chunks that can be lethal if hitting humans as in the case of bricks.But old habits die hard. Even in recent b-panel projects, it was found that some contractor still use bricks to cover areas that was not covered by b-panel (mostly due to estimation error), such as triangular area under the roof ridge. (“Ampig” in Indonesian). This is the lone yarn machine in the Sleeping Beauty story. The b-panel wall will stay safely intact during earthquake, but the home occupant might still get hurt by the sudden falling bricks from beyond the ceiling. There is no Prince Charming to give the wake up kiss to the fallen victims of bricks. Another example is loose bricks used for mosque architectural details – it is ironic if a place of worship become a dangerous place during natural disaster instead of a place of shelter it was intended to be.The practice of using unsupported masonry, especially for public service facilities, such as schools, hospitals/clinics, place of worships, government buildings, and communication shelters, must be eradicated. If this is still done because of cultural and behavior inertia, more effort to educate the market needs to be done. However, it is deeply unethical, if the architect, owner, or contractor still build this way even if the potential danger of unsupported masonry is already known.

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